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Social Automation Performances

Aggiornamento: 8 feb 2019

Optimize journalists' and other resources' time, especially in non-core activities, is one of the most relevant goals for publishers.

Frequently journals' pages on social networks are managed by journalists that have limited time and expertise to perform the task. Choose the right topic, create the graphic, write a description, select best tags and finally posting on a social page could be a time-consuming activity, and ineffective if not properly executed. Artificial Intelligence based systems are trying to help publishers in overtaking that issue.

Socialbeat has developed an AI solution that automates the full social posting process, from hot news selection, based on real-time articles' performance analysis, to the setting of post graphic and other features, according to the publisher's preferences.

Some of our customers have just switched to Social Automation, with outstanding results. The following infographic reports the improvements of social KPIs, from April to December 2018, on the automated Instagram page of a Publisher:

Don't lose any more time and money, contact us!

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