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Socialbeat has been selected between the most successful EU startups working in the media industry

Socialbeat was selected for the Stadiem program (a free grant of up to 150k€) this week.

During this program, Socialbeat will be able to present their products to a variety of media companies from across Europe.

The program's first phase aims to find a media partner interested in developing a pilot for a new AI based solution.

The new product, will be called "Socialbeat Subscription Booster" will attempt to address the issue of archive maintenance and monetization by:

  1. Collect all of the articles that have been published from various sources (both online and offline)

  2. Digitize and save in the cloud all the articles published on the paper version of the newspaper

  3. Analyze the text, extract information (people, companies, geographical location, dates, quotes, etc.), and add meta-data.

  4. Combine related articles in news collections based on topics and other criteria (people involved, location, etc.)

  5. Create a number of vertical pages on various news collections (for example, a page on the Mayor's election or a page on the local soccer amateur club).

  6. Collect metrics on the single news collection and the keywords associated with that news collection (e.g., how many views, how many searches, how many results on Google news, how many social interactions on news about that topic, and so on) and set a price to sell that news collection dynamically and automatically.

The primary benefit for newspapers will be the creation of a new revenue stream from content that has already been written, requiring no additional effort.

If you work in the media industry and would like to learn more about this new solution as well as evaluate the possibility of becoming a partner in the STADIEM program (the pilot will be free for the media company thanks to the STADIEM grant), please do not hesitate to contact us.

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